Award-Winning Deer Smear Habanero Jam | Elijah's Xtreme

Award-Winning Dear Smear - 8 Awards

Discover the award-winning Deer Smear from Elijah's Xtreme, a pineapple mango habanero jam that has over 8 industry awards.


2nd Place โ€“ Jams / Jellies โ€“ 2017 International Flav Awards

3rd Place โ€“ Marinades โ€“ 2017 International Flav Awards

2nd Place โ€“ Jamโ€™s/Jellies โ€“ Zest Fest 2018

3rd place โ€“ Marinades โ€“ Zest Fest 2018

1st Place โ€“ Peopleโ€™s Preference โ€“ Condiments โ€“ Zest Fest 2018

BEST OF SHOW โ€“ Zest Fest 2018

2nd Place โ€“ Jam/Jellies ย โ€“ย 2018 International Flav Awards

3rd Place โ€“ Grilling Sauce โ€“ 2019 Scovie Awards

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