Elijah's Xtreme® Amazon Reseller Policy

At Elijah's Xtreme®, we take immense pride in our brand, products, and the unique experience we offer to our customers. To ensure the authenticity, quality, and integrity of our products, we have established the following policy regarding the resale of our products on Amazon.

1. No Reselling on Amazon: We strictly prohibit the resale of our products on Amazon by unauthorized sellers. Any seller found to be listing our products on Amazon without our explicit consent will be considered in direct violation of this policy.

2. Counterfeit and Trademark Infringement: Our products come with custom shipping boxes that are not reproduced for resale at any large-scale capacity. Any product being sold on Amazon that purports to be from Elijah's Xtreme® but does not have these official and unique packaging features is to be considered counterfeit. Selling such products is a direct infringement of our trademarks.

3. Actions Against Violators: Any unauthorized seller found using our products, brands, or logo on Amazon will face immediate and rigorous legal action. This may include, but is not limited to:
- Reporting to Amazon for trademark infringement which may result in the suspension or banning of the seller’s account.
- Legal actions to seek damages, injunctions, or other remedies available under the law.
- Public notifications to alert customers of unauthorized and potentially counterfeit products being sold under our brand name.

4. Purchasing from Authorized Channels: We urge our customers to always purchase Elijah's Xtreme® products from authorized channels to ensure they are receiving authentic, high-quality goods. Any product bought from unauthorized sellers, especially on Amazon, is at the buyer’s risk and may not represent the quality and standards of Elijah's Xtreme®.

5. Reporting Violations: If you come across any listings on Amazon or elsewhere selling our products without authorization, or if you suspect counterfeit products, please report them immediately to [Your Customer Service Email or Reporting Mechanism].

By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and agree to this policy. We appreciate the continued support and trust of our customers and are committed to maintaining the premium quality and authenticity of Elijah's Xtreme® products.
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