#1 Fastest-Growing Hot Sauce Brand Online, Elijah's Xtreme, Expands Reach Further into the South and Canada

Author: Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Sauces, Inc. 

03 Jun, 2024

With millions of units sold, 3,000 store locations nationwide, 2.5+ million followers across social channels, and a projected 20 million dollars in sales in 2024, Elijah's Xtreme is excited to announce their newest business expansion that Southeastern states and Canada

Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Sauces, Inc, the renowned purveyor of gourmet hot & barbecue sauces, and beef jerky is thrilled to announce its expansion into new retail locations across the Southeast (FL, GA, AL, MS and LA). With an already robust presence in over 3,000 stores nationwide, Elijah's Xtreme is now extending its reach to serve even more hot sauce aficionados in more than 425 locations.

In addition to the Southeastern expansion, Elijah's Xtreme will now be in limited Giant Grocery stores with all products and also Showcase stores in Canada. The unforgettable sauce is also hitting the shelves of Chamberlin's and Earth Origins Market, two esteemed retailers located in FL known for their commitment to quality and variety in the Southeastern stores.

Among the bold flavors that are making their debut in these select stores are Elijah's Xtreme's signature hot sauces, including Pineapple Mango Habanero, Original Roasted Pepper, Ghost Pepper, and Reaper variants. Additionally, barbecue enthusiasts can savor the brand's Beer Bacon Maple BBQ sauce and Bourbon Blueberry Chipotle BBQ sauce, adding a tantalizing twist to their grilling adventures.

With the Southeastern expansion, Elijah's Xtreme will be available in Fresco Y Mas, Winn Dixie, and Harvey locations across Miami, FL. Now, more than ever customers throughout these areas can elevate their culinary creations with the bold flavors and unparalleled quality of Elijah's Xtreme sauces.

Founder Elijah Morey expressed his excitement for the company's expansion, stating, "Growth has always been the vision. Ever since we started in the garage, my dad would tell me to dream big and anything was possible. It's amazing to see that vision come to light as we grow to becoming the #1 hot sauce brand and beyond as we near our 10 year anniversary in business."

As the #1 fastest growing brand and leader in the culinary and condiment industry, Elijah's Xtreme will continue to break records and pave the way for industry competitors with unmatched flavor profiles, innovative social media strategy, and astonishing company growth. 

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