Most frequent questions and answers

All orders are shipped out within 24 hours Monday – Friday. Any order placed after 9AM on Saturday will be shipped out Monday morning.

Sometimes if you get lucky your order will be packed and shipped within an hour of us receiving your order. 

This happens on occasion, check your spam folder first.

If you don’t receive it within 24 hours of placing your order Monday – Friday. Send us an email with your order number and we will send it to you direct!

It is recommended to refrigerate your BBQ sauces and hot sauces after opening to ensure the sauce stays fresh!

Less than 1% of all orders break in transit, but it does still happen. Take a picture and email us with your order number. We will send a replacement ASAP! 

Our sauces are like fine wine. When you receive a new bottle the ingredients are so fresh they take a few weeks to mature. Over that time, more flavor and a deeper red color will form. 

This is due to oxidation of the ingredients of the sauce. So don’t worry if your fresh bottle of Ghost Pepper hot sauce tastes a little different. Just give it some time! 

Not at the moment. We pride ourselves on creating natural products using the natural heat of the peppers. No extracts ever! 

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