• 2 Pack Deer Smear - Grillin' Glaze, Dip and Marinade


    Perfect for grilling, use as a finish glaze, marinade or dip. Our Deer Smear is made with Pineapples, Mangos, onions, red peppers and a little spice for a tiny kick. It's sweet and sticky, so it sticks to what ever you rub it on. Simply rub it on wild game, turkey, chicken, fish, ribs, pork, then sprinkle on your favorite rub... or use it as a dip or spread! DELICIOUS on shrimp or cream cheese as a snack! Another Sweet and spicy, Award-Winning Father and Son handcrafted recipe. 

     Love our Deer Smear. Buy 2 as a gift for your outdoorsmen (or women). Get one for yourself and one to share... Buy 2 and save!

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    Wild game meat, turkey, spicy, grilling, grill master, pineapple-mango, grilling' sauce, dip, marinade, hot and spicy, fish, shrimp.