• Elijah's Xtreme Gift Set (HOT GIFT) Limited supply


    The best GIFT for any spicy lover! Here's what you get...

    1 - 5 oz bottle Ghost Pepper sauce

    1 - 5 oz bottle Reaper Sauce (made with black cherries, cranberries and Kentucky Bourbon + the Carolina Reaper Pepper!) 

    1 - 12 oz bottle Bourbon Infused Blueberry, Chipotle BBQ

    1 - 12 oz bottle Tangy Fire BBQ (a tomato base sauce with a hint of ghost for an added kick!) 

    1 - 9 oz jar Pineapple-Mango Roasted Habanero "Spicy Caribbean Chutney" Kind of like a fruit salsa with a kick! 

    1 - 9 oz jar Pineapple-Mango and habanero "Deer Smear" grillin' glaze, marinade and dipping sauce. (great for grilling, marinading or cooking in a pan) Winner 2018 Best of Show at Zest Fest in Texas! 

    Plus 2 can Koozies and Elijah's Xtreme sticker! 

    NO Items ship outside the USA.