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Elijah’s Xtreme Tangy Fire. Father and Son Handcrafted BBQ. A twist on traditional tomato based BBQ with a hint of our own ghost pepper sauce to add a nice little kick! Great as a marinade, dip or grilling sauce. 

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  •  7 Industry Awards 
  • Tomato base

  • BBQ - Marinade - Dipping Sauce

  • Uses a splash of our Ghost Pepper Sauce for a nice kick! 

Tangy Fire BBQ


Elijah's Xtreme®Tangy Fire BBQ, Marinade and Dipping Sauce

Try it on Chicken, Burgers, pork or on steak as a steak sauce. Toss some meatballs in a crock pot and slow cook with beer for a tasty snack! Makes great wings! Make it hotter, just add more of our Ghost Pepper sauce to heat things up more. The winner of 7 awards for it’s unique tangy flavor and kick of heat! Makes great wings, perfect on burgers, chicken, or on steak as a steak sauce…or spice up your french fries!


Do they still have flavor?

YES! Our sauces have won 55 awards for their unique balance of heat AND flavor. 

How long does shipping take?

All orders are shipped out within 24 hours (you could get lucky and your order will be shipped out the same day!) – Single bottles are shipped USPS First Class - two or more bottles are shipped USPS Priority 2 Day shipping. 

Do I need to refrigerate after opening?

You don’t have to, but to best preserve the sauces it’s a good idea to keep them cold. 

Do they have extracts? 

No! No extracts in any of our sauces, just pure pepper heat. 

Is Elijah's Xtreme Gluten Free/ Vegan?

Yes! We only use the best ingredients for our products.

Does it come in a box?

Yes! All of our products come in boxes, perfect for gifts.

What happens if a bottle breaks during shipping?

Send us an email at with a picture of the package and your order number. We will ship out your replacement ASAP! 


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