Elijah's Original 3 Pack

  • Made with Sweet Red Cayenne and Jalapeño Peppers grown in the Rich Volcanic Soil of the Costa Rican Mountains
  • Fire Roasted Peppers for Rich and Savory Flavor Adding Just Enough Heat to Make it the Perfect Balanced, Everyday Hot Sauce!
  • Handcrafted Recipe Inspired by Costa Rican Culture and Ingredients


We are so excited to release our “Elijah’s Original” Everyday Hot Sauce! After months of testing and research we think we have a winner and can’t wait for everyone to try it. We focused on the best qualities of other mild hot sauces and took the best parts of those and combined them to make Elijah’s Original. Everything from flavor and heat to the color and how it pours.


We went to Costa Rica to finish the recipe. Below are a few pictures of what inspired the look and colors of the label for Elijah’s Original! 

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